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5 Tier BDazzled Cupcake Stand

7 Tier Square Cupcake Stand 7 Tier Round Cupcake Stand 7 Tier Petal Cupcake Stand 7 Tier Octogon Cupcake Stand 7 Tier Heart Cupcake Stand


Beautilful! Versatile! Highest quality on the market today! Stable! Unequaled! BLING!!!

We've combined our high quality acrylic cupcake stand with brilliant glass crystal beads and created a stunning versatile display that will make a statement for any special event. Bling, Bling, Bling, BLING!!!

This gorgeous 5 tier cupcake stand is perfect for a wedding, shower, special birthday or any event where elegant cupcakes are needed. Tiers can be added or removed to adjust the size for any event. Very popular with professional bakeries, cake decorators, caterers, rental companies, or anyone that wants the option of having many different size cupcake stands for events of all sizes. Combine with the set of risers to make each tier its own stand.

Our 5 tier cupcake stand features:

  • Plate sizes - 6", 8", 10", 12", and 14",
  • Round, Petal, and Octagon cupcake stand holds 58 cupcakes, 78 includes placing cupcakes around the base.
  • Square cupcake stand holds 73 cupcakes 97 includes placing cupcakes around the base.
  • 8" separators( distance between each plate) allows crystals to not touch cupcakes
  • Add or remove layers (or tiers) making it perfect for events of all different sizes.
  • Glass crystal beads adorn cast acrylic plates - durability and beauty make this a beautiful cupcake stand!
  • Each plate of this 5 tier cupcake stand is 1/4" thick.
  • Cleans easlly.
  • Compatable all of our tiered cupcake and cake push pop stands to make it uniquely yours.

8" Seperators
Choice of Square, Round, Octogon, Heart or Petal shape.

Want more versatility? Add the separators set and turn your BDazzled cupcake stand into 5 separate BDazzled cake stands

Make it a lazy Susan cupcake stand. Use the buy together tab above and select "Add All to Cart" for a discount.