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BDazzle Cascade Stands

round crystal cake stand Square crystal cake stand


Looking for a stand that’s different but ELEGANT? Something with BLING??? Our Bdazzle Cascade Cake Stands are jaw-droppers!

When you're seeking individual bling stands with different heights, BDazzle Cascade is the answer. We’ve combined our high quality acrylic stands with brilliant glass crystal beads and created a stunning versatile display that will make a statement for any special event. Bling, Bling, Bling, BLING!!!

Choose multiple stands in different levels to create a beautiful BDazzle Cascade - shimmering and reflecting the surrounding light. Magnificent !! BDazzle won’t disappoint! So versatile and easy to store - all legs twist off to make storage a breeze.

Stand consists of crystal beaded top plate, bottom plate, removable legs, Top plate is 1" larger than bottom plate. Crystal glass beads hang the entire length of the stand from top. Stand height is approximate.

  • 6" or 7" plate stand is approx. 12" high
  • 8" or 9" plate stand is approx 10" high
  • 10" or 11" plate stand is approx 8" high
  • 12" or 13" plate stand is approx 6" high
  • 14" or 15" plate stand is approx 4" high
  • 16" or 17" plate stand is approx 2" high

Our glass crystals glisten and reflect light better than plastic/acrylic crystals.

Don’t spend more for plastic crystals with a dull shine when you can be Bdazzle.


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