Acrylic Information

Cast Acrylic sheets offer greater thermal stability and better resistance to crazing when exposed to solvents. The surface finish, flatness and optical properties of Cast Acrylic are all superior to those of Extruded Acrylic sheets.


While Cell Cast Acrylic is more expensive we use only the Cell Cast Acrylic for our cupcake stands. All of our Acrylic Cupcake Stands are laser cut. By laser cutting our cupcake stand we can keep the labor cost down. We manufacture our entire line of Acrylic cupcake stand (Made in Texas). While we do have resellers we are the original manufacture.


All of the parts for your acrylic cupcake stand are made from ¼" Cell Cast Acrylic. The protective paper is left on for the protection of the acrylic throughout manufacturing, packaging and shipping process.